Serbia was under the Muslim occupation from the 14th to the 19th century. During those
500 years many Serbs converted from Christianity to Islam in order to obtain rights and
privileges the Ottoman Empire bestowed upon its Muslim beleivers.
Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Serbs were in all wars on different sides. Previous victims
would become oppressors in the new conflict,constantlycontinuingbloodstained
fratricidal circle.
However, there are also families, which stepped out of that circle generations ago.
In Sandzak, the part of Serbia with predominantly Muslims, there is a custom called
„fraternization”. A Muslim and an Orthodox family would make a certain agreement
obliging themselves to protect one another, no matter who the oppressor or victim is.
Thanks to the custom, Serbs still live in Sandzak – or, in other words, the Muslims still
live in Serbia.
The phenomenon of fraternization, or multiculturalism, seen from the Balkan point of
view, has been the ground for the 45-minute filmdealingwiththeMuslimsinthepost-
Milosevic’s Serbia.
Ethnic Albanina’s life in Belgrade after Kosovo secession, problems of Romanies of
Islamic confession, experiences of various Muslim nations members who spent their
war-years in Serbia, solidarity among the Muslims the way it is seen by the Islamic
community representatives, mosques built with the Christians’ assistance, Muslim
religious lawful marriages, ancient customs…

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