Around October 28, 1943. With the World War II in the highest point, U.S. Marine approved a series of experiments with the idea to make invisible a ship to the enemy radar, using Albert Einstein’s theories about electromagnetism and physics. Testing with a boat escort called U.S.S. Eldridge, all crew and the own ship disappeared not only radar, but human eye. Sold little time later to the Greek Marine forces and renamed as “Leone”, rumors and weird phenomenons about strange lights from the ship and sailors that appear and disappear from a moment to another grew up the legend of a ship that was supposed and mysteriously teleported from Philadelphia Bay to Norfolk, Virginia, in a 200 miles (320 Km) instant leap and back, with the sailor horribly fused with the metal of the ship. Considered hoax by somebody and believed as real for others, this documentary analyzes a controversial that still alive in the collective memory of the people around the world, subject of movies and journalist …

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