The Enterprise in attacked by a missile, launched from an asteroid on an independent collision course with highly populated planet, Darren 5, in 396 days, which has simple atomic power and an internal atmosphere, but no inhabitants. McCoy has found he’s the only unhealthy crew member: only one year of life left. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to the asteroid surface but are suddenly overpowered by sword-bearing men, commanded by high-priestess Natira who makes them kneel before a worshiped oracle, which smites them down electrically. They are given a medicine by an old servant who suffers pain twitches while telling them “things are not as they teach us”, and that he once climbed the mountain and touched the sky. He then dies. The earthly visitors are now offered hospitality. The high-priestess asks McCoy to stay as her mate and explains the people is on its way to a new, green world, ‘soon’ according to the oracle. Kirk and Spock discover the oracle was build by the alien Fabrini civilization, this people is oblivious they are on a space-ship which will collide. They overhear the oracle tell Natira her mate must accept the instrument of obedience, then it smites the duo and orders their execution; McCoy convinces Natira to spare their lives if he stays as her spouse; Kirk and Spock beam up. McCoy gets in instants the painless brain-implant, a wedding, kisses, and the promise the people will at arrival read the book of revelation written by the Creator. Starfleet orders the Enterpise to leave; when McCoy contacts them about the book, the instrument smites him in pain: Kirk and Spock beam back down…

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