Sex tourism, sensual tourism, love tourism? with the arrival of women as consumers on the sex market, things are becoming ambiguous! Many women are coming to Saint Domingo because on this Jamaican island, where more than half the population live below the poverty line, plenty of men don’t hesitate to sell their bodies for a meal or a night in a hotel. There’s Angel, a 25 year-old French woman, who has discovered something she never found with a man before: sensuality, sexuality and gentleness. There’s Giovanna, a 33 year-old Italian lawyer, who is sugar mommy to Edison, a boy of 18. And there’s Eva, a 50 year-old, who exhibits great clarity of vision. And, of course, there are the legendary “sanki panki”, the gigolos! These women never have the feeling they are keeping a gigolo, because, unlike men, they don’t openly pay for a trick. They provide these men with material support, in the form of a meal, presents, a Western lifestyle, and they are all in love with them! Because, for women, there’s no separation between sexuality and love.

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