Daniel having announced he’s going to bid for Grayson Global’s board chairmanship, his parents fail to talk him out of it, fearing that will only unleash the Initiative on him. Brazilian key board member Salvador Grobet, who actually manages his wife’s inheritance, prefers Daniel, but may by swayed by a picture of his adultery with Daniel’s lover-PA Ashley, which is astutely send to Daniel in time to give him the leverage. Nolan was prepared to let Daniel and Aiden use 49% of NolCorp as leverage, but his ousted ex-lover-CFO Marco forces him by ‘blackmail’ with misappropriated company funds to sign over majority control. Daniel coldly tells Aiden the board will require stability, hence no seat for Aiden. The Ryan brothers spot their father’s murderer Matt Duncan, whom to assume to be only father porter’s cahoot, at the baby’s christening, shoot him and affirm their hold over new terrified Jack.

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