This particular episode had, as its setting, Bleak Hill Boarding School, which bore sign saying it offered LOWEST RATES and “MOTHER’S CARE(?)” I wonder if the Dickens novel Bleak House furnished inspiration. The “MOTHER’s CARE(?) logo proved what a dump this boarding school was, with Louise Emmons portraying the disagreeable old crone who headed the school, a dasmal dame if ever there were one. “Dasmal dame” is a woman who plays DOMINEERING MOTHER. Cap was sharp contrast; he was kind and understanding; Gus Leonard was just the actor for that sort of role. (He did stellar job later in “Lucky Corner” as Scotty Becket’s grandpa.) Gus did not mind the silly answers that the kids gave in class, and surely appreciated Spanky’s getting up to answer the phone, when James Finlayson, as Mr. Brown of First National Bank, told Cap that his back pension had arrived, something that he had long waited for (but which the crone who ran the school SCORNED). Cap’s receiving this wonderful news, and his treating the kids to day at amusement park, calls to mind recent developments in MY life, to wit, improvement in living standard after settlement of Mom’s estate, in form of larger apartment, new car, etc. Surely, Mush and Milk was heartwarming, especially with Cap’s confidence that things would turn out all right, something that the Little Rascals came to believe.

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